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Coyote Come-Along  

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The patented Coyote Come-Along by Scrubby Ridge is an innovative dragging belt made specifically for predator hunters. It is made to be efficient, comfortable, and durable. All other predator drags require the use of your shoulders or hands. As you all know, predator hunting usually involves carrying in several pieces of equipment including calls, decoys, shooting stick, chair, and rifle. It is very inconvenient to drag a predator out by hand or shoulder while carrying all of your equipment. This is why we invented the Coyote Come-Along. It requires no use of your hands or shoulders while dragging predators out of the field, which makes it much easier to carry your equipment while at the same time dragging your predator out. Just simply wear it in to the field as a belt, and wear it out as a drag. You simply pop the pouch open, run the cord out, place it around the front two paws (and bottom jaw if preferred), turn around, and begin walking while carrying your other things. It also makes it possible for you to have your rifle in a ready position while walking out in case you happen to run into another predator. The Coyote Come-Along has two pouches with cord attached so that you can drag two predators out at once. It is made to make your predator hunt easier and more enjoyable.

Features and Benefits

Comfortable for all day use
Made of the strongest materials available
Saves Time and Energy 
Made in the USA! 
Two pouches with cord attached
Drag two coyotes at once.
Frees up your shoulders and hands.

Product Specs

Width: 2".
Size: One size fits most
Weight: .5 lbs


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